Excerpt About Human Being

An Organ of Perception for the Universe
As it appears to me, the world is amazing. Human beings are especially amazing. The body that we have is a sensory organ, an organ of perception that is an eye for the universe to experience itself. There is the universe, the stars and the galaxies, empty space, earth, ocean, rocks and all the physical manifestation. Every once in a while there is a soft spot in this universe. This soft spot has become so soft that it perceives its environment. That is what a human being is. Why not look at the world this way? Why look at it as if you are a human being who is born one day only to die another day, with problems and spouses and taxes in between? Why not look at it as if you are an organ of perception for the universe? There is no other way for the universe to know itself. Whether you choose to call it God or the cosmic being or the universe, there is no way for that existence to perceive, to experience, to live, except through living beings.

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