Excerpt About Human Life

When the Movement toward Spirituality becomes Innate and Doesn’t have a Cause

I am not implying that spirituality is different or divorced from everyday life. Spiritual life means experiencing and living life in its completeness, which includes its hidden truths. When our turn to being comes from the purity of reality—what we call true nature—the movement toward spirituality is innate and doesn’t have a cause. We are simply driven to know reality and to see the truth. It is like being in love. We can’t help it. We have to be close to reality, to see reality, to be one with reality. Most of us are motivated by all these reasons at one time or another. But if we don’t have the drive that comes from the purity of being—meaning that the enlightenment drive is activated and working—we can’t penetrate the delusions that obstruct the life of realization.

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