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Learning that We Can’t Live Fully Without Both Dual and Nondual Experience

So primary realization—being true nature and knowing yourself as being true nature—is a necessary element for essential activation, but it is not in itself essential activation. Essential activation reveals primary realization, but it also reveals other modes of realization, other ways that enlightenment can appear—all the way to recognizing that duality is enlightenment. We can see how there can be enlightenment in duality and how duality and nonduality can coexist and interact. We learn that we can’t live life fully without both dual and nondual experience. If we stick exclusively to one or the other, we live a limited life. If our experience is only dual, our life is incomplete. If our experience is only nondual, there isn’t really life. But taken together, dual and nondual experience and their interaction make it possible to understand what it means to live a human life. If, when we are realized and established in one form of primary realization—whether that is absolute emptiness, supreme presence, the Tao, Christ consciousness, or the Brahman—we take that to be the final realization and ultimate freedom, then we exclude the other ways true nature is manifesting.

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