Excerpt About Human Life

Without True Nature We are Lost in an Intractable Sort of Way

When we first have a close encounter with true nature—where we directly experience its radical otherness—we recognize that it is something miraculous. Even in this beginning experience of true nature as a something among other things, we sense in the experience an inherent purity, an inherent goodness, an inherent magic and power. And the more we learn about it, the more we encounter it, the more we experience the realization and the freedom of true nature, the more we are awestruck by its majesty and beauty. We see that the self-expression of true nature is what makes it possible for us to have any spiritual experience. It is what makes it possible for us to have any insight or understanding. Without true nature, we are hopeless as human beings; we are lost in an intractable sort of way. Without the light or the guidance or the presence of true nature, we are unconscious and asleep—“fodder for the moon” as Gurdjieff put it. That is to say, without true nature, we are basically serving the perpetuation of life, the perpetuation of the universe. Instead of being the universe that is self-manifesting—what he called “the trogoautoegocrat”—we become food for evolution and don’t actively participate in the actual creative effulgence of life.

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