Excerpt About Human Life

When We Simply Live Our, Minds Teem with Insight and Our Being Brims with Life

We see that any experience, regardless of how simple or mundane, is a finding of reality. Any experience is freedom, as long as we do not need to mentally elaborate on its meaning or make associations about its significance. We simply live it. We simply live. Living is in all situations but does not depend on any of them. That is to say, even though living completely pervades all situations and experiences, it is neither defined by nor does it need any of them. When we simply live, our minds teem with insight and our being brims with life. This continual bursting is the red sulfur, the ongoing generation of novelty in a way that is an enhancement of one’s life, and the life of all. No true freedom is self-centered or only for oneself. In its abundance of love and joy, freedom naturally opens to the freedom of any and all.

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