Excerpt About Human Life

Valuing Our True Essential Nature
If we don't bring to bear in our life our true qualities—our strength, our will, our intelligence, our compassion—we won't recognize the preciousness, integrity, and beauty of being human. We won't respect ourselves if we don't act in a self-respectful way. We won't value ourselves if we don't conduct our life in a way that recognizes the value of our true essential nature. We won't have confidence in ourselves if we don't grapple with difficulties. Conducting our life with confidence, value, and respect is connected to loving truth for its own sake. what is truth, ultimately, but the nature of the human being? Truth is essentially what we are, who we are, what we are capable of, our very substance, our nature, our reality. So to love truth for its own sake is not separate from valuing what you are as a human being.

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