Excerpt About Humility

The Feeling of Humility in the Experience of Boundlessness

You don’t see boundlessness by trying to see it, by trying to eliminate your boundaries. You don’t see a boundary and then realize that it doesn’t exist. You only see the boundlessness when you see the boundaries and let yourself be—then you see there is no boundary. It’s not an act of rejecting boundaries, nor an act of dismantling them. It’s not even an act of perception. You see boundlessness by being boundlessness. You just are. That beingness itself is the experience of no boundaries. Being doesn’t have boundaries. When you feel the boundary, you are the boundary. When you are the love, you are your loving consciousness. Then there are no boundaries. It feels somewhat like humility. It’s a humility, a gentleness, a softness, a lightness, an acceptance, a compassion. Love is the breath of the boundless Being. It pervades all existence and melts all boundaries in sweetness and gentleness. Love is the caring arms of Being holding all beings, letting them rest, let go, and merge with the boundless.

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