Excerpt About Humility

The Humility Needed for True Nature to Move Our Experience

So you might think, “Now I am going to meditate so I can experience pure peace.” But who said that pure peace should be the next thing you experience? “And later I will get into primordial awareness.” Who said that is what is supposed to happen to you? Do you see the arrogance in this kind of thinking? Who is saying these things anyway? This is why in our work, we say, “I don’t know what should come next in my experience; it is not in my hands.” This is the humility needed for True Nature to move our experience to whatever condition it wants to bring about, which is usually the condition we specifically, personally, need at that moment. It might be primordial awareness, it might be peace—but it might be jealousy, or hunger, or even death. We don’t know. So whether we are meditating or doing inquiry exercises or having a meal or talking with a friend or doing our job, we can always practice by being present, by being aware of what is happening in our experience and not doing anything to it.

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