Excerpt About Ideals

Belief in the Need for Ideals, Morals and Rules

This is obviously because the Weltanschauung, the world view of the analyst and the psychotherapist, does not include the fact of essence. The presence of essence, with its direct and objective perception and its balanced human nature, is not known, so the possibility of a life without the superego but instead with such an objective perception is not envisioned. The capacity of the essence to know and to act according to knowledge is not seen. So there remains always the belief in the need for ideals, morals, and rules to govern one's life. From our perspective, the superego is the inner coercive agency that stands against the expansion of awareness and inner development, regardless of how mild or reasonable it becomes. It is a substitute, and a cruel one, for direct perception and knowledge. Inner development requires that in time there be no internal coercive agencies. There will be instead inner regulation based on objective perception, understanding, and love. The best approach is to decrease the power and influence of the superego and to replace it with awareness as much as possible, all the way to the final and complete dethronement of the superego.

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