Excerpt About Identity and Attachment

Attachment to the True Identity Will Keep You Separate
The separate identity needs to go, even the true identity. Attachment to the true identity will keep you separate because attachment creates boundaries. The boundaries need to be lost and the boundaries can only be lost by the loss of identity itself, by the loss of the separate self. When that goes, then it is possible to see that you are not separate from the original consciousness, that there is only one consciousness, one existence. That is what we call the cosmic level. At this cosmic level you understand that true merging is loss of your boundaries, so you are One. If there's a sense of identity, there is not One... One can have a very subtle attachment to the cosmic identity. It doesn't even feel like attachment. You can experience God, which is what's called the cosmic identity, but as long as you want only that, there is still some preference, some attachment.

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