Excerpt About Identity and Attachment

The Final Attachment That Must be Resolved
The reality exists in two poles, existence and non-existence, complete nothingness. Fullness that is love, and complete, utter emptiness or nothingness, are just the two poles of reality. Attachment to any of these is attachment. So the final attachment that must be resolved is the final attachment to existence or non-existence - God or nothing. This resolution results in the big void, which eliminates identity itself - small or big, true or not true. There is no identity, no nothing to identify. There is no object whatsoever, even a boundless object. This big void, or complete nothingness, is most necessary for freedom because it eliminates attachment. It is the freedom beyond which there is no freedom. Of course, with that freedom, there will come everything. Everything will be freed - the cosmic consciousness, the guidance, the true identity, the Personal Essence - all Essence with its various aspects will be there with no one experiencing it. It's just there.

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