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Ignorance of What it is to Be Oneself

According to my perception, it is this lack of understanding, the ignorance of what it is to be oneself, that is the main reason why people do not expand. It is why people do not develop in a real way; why people continue having the same issues, problems and difficulties. To truly develop means first you need to be yourself, and that your self will develop. If you are being something else, that might develop, but it’s not you. People talk about self-development, but who is there who is going to develop? If you don’t know what it is to be yourself, what is developing? You can take self-development classes, self-assertion classes, and develop something, but who says that’s yourself? You can develop capacities, abilities, perceptions, experiences, and ideas if you work at it. But that doesn’t mean you are developing yourself. Many people go to very deep places, and have very high and refined experiences and insights, without knowing what it is to be oneself. Even when people really work on themselves, they are usually taking a detour. They get to states of being very open, very loving, very compassionate, even universal, without ever knowing what it is to be oneself. Although it might be wonderful, their experience becomes very limited, very restricted. The only way we can experience all that is possible for a human being is to be ourselves. If we are not ourselves, any other development is only a sector of human experience. To be a complete human being, to be a totality and experience wholeness, to be  able to experience all possibilities and all potential for a human being, first we need to be ourselves.

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