Excerpt About Illumination

Illumination is any Experience of Further Understanding, Including Insight, Awakening, Realization and Enlightenment

We have been exploring the mechanics of illumination, awakening, and realization, and although I have been using these words interchangeably, there are differences between them. By considering these differences and understanding them, they can reveal our experience and our reality more clearly. By “illumination” I mean any understanding, whether it is of our personal issues or our process or something about true nature. An illumination is when the meaning or significance of something that we are encountering or experiencing is revealed in a clear way. So an illumination is any experience of further understanding, including insight, awakening, realization, and enlightenment. These experiences are illuminations because in all of them the spiritual light is illuminating something, whether it is illuminating itself or illuminating one of its manifestations. So “illumination” is a more general term.

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