Excerpt About Illumination

Presence and the Illumination are One and the Same like the Sun and Its Light

The aspect of intelligence is a constant explosion or illumination. The illumination that is always and continuously illuminating is the presence of the aspect itself. The presence and the illumination are one and the same, like the sun and its light. This constant illumination, or exploding, is the functioning of intelligence. But it is not illuminating or exploding in a haphazard way. It is very intelligent, and it is organic intelligence in the sense that it is different than a computer kind of intelligence—it’s not simply associating this with this, that with that, and then putting all these things together and arriving at an outcome. Essential intelligence is more innate, more intuitive. Connecting things the way the computer does is similar to what we call reasoning or thinking—which can be intelligent or not. I don’t think it is accurate to call the functioning of computers artificial intelligence, because it is not really intelligence. You could perhaps say “artificial logic” or “artificial thinking.” But intelligence is something else. A computer does not have the quality of consciousness I am calling intelligence.

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