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Relating to the Intelligence of the Universe

Your unconscious image of God determines how you relate to the intelligence of the universe, that which is beyond you as an individual and beyond your parents as individuals. Thus, to some extent, this unconscious image of God affects your sense of the world, which is the entirety of the holding environment. To have a correct relationship with what actually exists, with the Intelligence beyond all appearance, you have to rend the veils that obscure your vision of it. One of these veils is your projected images, and the primary one is your unconscious God representation. From the beginning, God is usually presented to us as whoever or whatever it is that is taking care of and looking after us and the whole universe, so our sense of basic trust and of holding are intimately connected with our idea of God. The image that we have formed of Him determines our degree of basic trust. The more that that image is loving and holding, the more we are able to relax, resting in the knowledge that we will be taken care of. The less our image of Him has those qualities, the more frightened we are, believing that we have to struggle, that we have to be good or somehow different, and that we have to manipulate others and ourselves to get what we need.

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