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The Point is Doing Your Best

I was sure that question would come up. That question is probably arising in the minds of most of you because it is very hard to understand what being impeccable is. On the subtle level of learning to be impeccable, what will arise is the issue of uncertainty. You’re not certain; you’re not sure. “Is this the right way, or is that the right way?” “What does it mean to be impeccable now?” “Is this really impeccability, or is it my superego?” “Am I really indulging, or am I being impeccable?” Things get a little tricky. The personality has its powers and its subtleties. But you see, this is exactly what I was saying. You cannot be perfect in it. Doing things perfectly is not the point. The point is doing your best. If you are not certain, you have two ways to go: this way or that way. The impeccable thing is to take the attitude of the impeccable warrior when the warrior is uncertain. To deal with uncertainty impeccably, you do the best you can do in the situation. At the moment of uncertainty, you might need to pay more attention to yourself, to take the attitude of the detached observer instead of deciding to go this way or that way. Uncertainties will arise, especially when it comes to learning how to be, how to act as an impeccable warrior. As I said earlier, uncertainty is the enemy of impeccability. It is the most subtle enemy. Uncertainty is due to incomplete awareness, incomplete knowledge of what is there. This will often arise because you rarely know everything about a situation. That is exactly when the attitude of impeccability is needed. It is not to be perfect, but to do your best to act according to all the wisdom, all the understanding, all the experience, all the awareness, all the will that you have.

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