Excerpt About Impeccability

Acting Impeccably Means acting with Certainty
To act impeccably means to act with certainty. You cannot act impeccably when you are not sure of yourself. You know it is the best thing, even if you know that it is not perfect, but you do it with certainty. You’re learning to defend against your superego. You are not completely sure what this means, but you know something, and what you know is the best you know, and you do this as if you are certain. And this is what you do until you learn something else. In time, this will evolve and develop into what we call true certainty – essential certainty. Choosing to be an impeccable warrior means choosing to be a person, choosing to be a responsible adult, instead of being your mother’s baby. There is dignity in it; you are your own person, your life is your responsibility and you always have the choice to do your best. Impeccability can be in action, in feeling, in thinking. Impeccability can be in terms of the will, in terms of the mind, in terms of the heart.

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