Excerpt About Individuality

Necessity for Individual Consciousness

Now given that in the nondual perspective, there is no individual that does anything, from that perspective, practice does not make any sense. It’s true that in the nondual condition the issues around causality, motivation, and goal disappear, but so does practice. There is nobody there to practice and there is no practice; it’s all simply nondual truth that is manifesting everything, including what we call practice—and everything else, such as playing tennis or taking a shower or going to the store. That is why if we abide in the nondual condition, after a while there is no point in practicing. In that realization, to practice is to leave nondual awareness and revert to a smaller or more limited realization. This is why some nondual teachings think that practice is not good for you because practicing means deferring the nondual condition. But from the view of totality, the nondual condition is only one of infinite kinds of possible realization. Nondual realization is accurate in the sense that this vastness and transparent truth is what is manifesting everything, and the self is either a delusion or a form simply manifested, and all activities are simply ways of seeing the continuous manifestation of reality as a whole in its unity and oneness. However, without the view of totality, we might forget that there would be no realization, no enlightenment, and no awareness of the nondual condition if it weren’t for the individual.

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