Excerpt About Inner Journey

The Obsession with Being Something

Total Being is a recognition that freedom means there is no need to be something. When I say “something,” I don’t mean a specific thing; I don’t mean an object; I don’t mean form. I mean any experience. Because we are obsessed with being something, we are always trying to find out what is the exact something that is truly what we are. And that is precisely what the inner journey is about, what realization or enlightenment is about—finding out what we are or what reality is. And, as you know, we find out many things as we go along. We find out everything—from being a body, being a self, being an individual, to being presence, being awareness, being nonduality, being totality, being the absolute, being the macrocosm. And it is necessary for all of these experiences to happen. They need to happen not because one of them is the final answer, but because their happening is the expression of the freedom of Total Being. Every experience is always an expression of Total Being.

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