Excerpt About Inner Support

Necessity for Your Own Inner Support

So at some point it is useful and necessary to have only your own inner support which is not dependent on external sources. This means you have to have support for aloneness. You need to have support for the state of aloneness itself. And this is much more difficult to attain than the state of self-realization. If your support for realization, for being your self and being real, is in your environment and you leave it to go off by yourself or with other people, you will feel you can’t be the same way, because the support for being real depends on that environment. For instance, when you are with your teacher you might say, “I can be myself easily.” Right? But if you go back to your business or talk to other people, it’s gone. You can’t be the same way. You begin to bring back your shell, your personality, in order to function in the world. This is where your enemies become useful. An enemy is useful here because an enemy exposes the fact that you don’t have your own inner support. By taking away your external support, your enemies show you the gap in yourself. They show you the hole in you. Now your enemy might be doing it because they want to teach you something, or they might be doing it because they hate you, or because they don’t care about you, or because they are ignorant. When someone cuts you down or undermines you or devalues you, your tendency is to feel hurt or rejected. But if you really feel the situation deeply, you will realize that you have lost your support, and you feel that you can’t maintain your reality.

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