Excerpt About Innocence

The Regaining of Original Innocence

When we allow what is there in our experience we are not rejecting the pain as we did when we were babies. It can become like it was before the pain and rejection, when you were a very young baby and were confident that when the pain came it would go away at some time. Even more than this: it is the regaining of original innocence through the development of confidence and basic trust. It is a return to the natural process: I eat, my belly is full, I digest the food, I shit it out. There is no desire, no hope, no rejection; the feelings and sensations come, they are experienced and assimilated, and what’s left over is discharged, washed away. Then there is spontaneity. Our work is learning how to be in the truth, how to surrender to the truth. You see, although we see acceptance in terms of washing away of tensions, which is a washing away of the personality contractions, it must begin with accepting the truth of those very contractions. So the attitude of complete acceptance and complete perception of the truth coincide. You cannot understand an experience if you are rejecting it, or rejecting part of it.

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