Excerpt About Innocence

Innocence is One of the Qualities of Brilliancy

There is an innocence. Very good insight. Innocence is one of the qualities of Brilliancy. You have to be innocent to allow it. It’s like the innocence allows brilliancy to be organic and free flowing. You don’t expect the ideas that come and the Brilliancy in those ideas and the actions you then take. And that’s how children are in the beginning. They lose this living intelligence little by little; but in their early years, there is spontaneity and innocence as part of that intelligence. The kinds of things that kids come up with can amaze you, even shock you. Brilliancy, as you see, does need that flexibility and innocence. The rigidity that starts to set in as the ego develops tends to eliminate these qualities, tends to block them. And you can’t use your intelligence if you have to be rigid. The very nature of intelligence is that it opens up new possibilities and alternatives. You start to see various situations in creative and unexpectedly different ways.

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