Excerpt About Insecurity

Insecurity Has to do with a Basic Feeling in Your Unconscious

Insecurity has nothing to do with how much you’ve got; it has to do with a basic feeling in your unconscious. And it will not go away when you try to get security from outside. Security issues can revolve around various things—money, power, friends. Whenever the self-preservation instinct is blocked and the energy is not flowing, there is a basic sense of insecurity. People are usually very identified with their feelings of insecurity and will do almost anything to try to fill that hole rather than simply feel it. They are unaware of a blockage in a certain part of their body. Thus, the feeling can’t be addressed. It’s revealing that certain kinds of financial holdings are called “securities.” People may buy them to fill the hole of insecurity. Someone might have millions of dollars in securities and still need more, or have dozens of friends and still need more, or have lots of power and still need more. There’s an interesting thing that can happen here. If the person has the hole of insecurity, then the more he’s got in securities, the more he tends to feel the absence of security—which is the hole—and the more he will feel compelled to acquire more securities. He would rarely say, “Now I have enough money.” It seems that the satisfaction of the mistaken desires allows the dissatisfaction connected with the hole to surface. This explains how having more money can make someone more insecure.

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