Excerpt About Insight

Insights Appear When You are Relaxed

So what is inquiry, if not seeking and eliminating? How can we understand if we don’t go hunting for states and eliminating old patterns of behavior? It is very simple. Understanding, itself, is very simple. Understanding is there when you are not searching. You do not need to look for understanding; it is not something to pursue. You do not have to make efforts to have insights. Your efforts are not rewarded with realizations. Understandings, realizations, and insights appear when you are relaxed, when for a moment you have stopped your seeking. Look at your own experience: When do you experience an expanded state, or have an insight and deep understanding? Is it when you are busy trying to figure things out? Or is it when you have forgotten about the struggle for a moment? You might see that your deep insights, the true and deeper understandings, arise when you are not doing anything in your mind, when you just are, simply present. Of course, you might be engaged in some kind of exercise, some activity in your mind, thinking, searching for this or wondering about that, when you have some insight, and you might think that is what brought about the insight. However, if you look carefully, you will notice that in the midst of searching or struggling, once in a while there is a gap—you get tired and give up for a moment. At that moment insight arises. However, you often don’t see that gap because it is so short, so you think it is the activity of the mind that was responsible for the insight.

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