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A True Experience of Integration

This process usually continues of its own accord if the individual is committed to the truth. The essence keeps extending its territory, displacing the personality, until it reclaims the totality of the body. Then the essence fills the whole body, the totality of the organism. Each cell is then full and vivified by the presence of essence. The whole organism is then unified and integrated. This is a true experience of integration. It is not only that the individual experiences his body as a whole, as one unit, but he experiences himself, all of himself, as a unified, integrated, homogeneous presence. There are no barriers, no partitions inside. There are no parts experienced together, as integration is usually understood. On the essential dimension, integration is actual and literal. The individual experiences himself as one homogeneous medium, which is the substance of essence. It is truly being one. Many people consider the experience of unity or integration as the experience of all the parts fitting together, working together, and in harmony with each other. This experience is still mechanical from the perspective of essence. When an essential aspect is completely integrated, when it is a station, then it is experienced as one homogeneous substance without partitions. Instead of parts integrated, it is like a pool of water. And the individual experiences himself as this pool—complete unification and true integration.

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