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The Full Integration of an Entire Dimension of Essence

The idealizing transference is only one of the issues associated with the Diamond Will. The full integration of an entire dimension of Essence requires the resolution of many fundamental issues. Other issues which affect the integration of this aspect are ego activity and our various strategies for getting support. The student faces issues of aloneness and autonomy and must work through many epistemological and cognitive questions. The realization of the Diamond Will involves many experiences and insights, and ultimately gives birth to a profound transformation of our view of ourselves and the world. This full integration is not an easy feat. It requires a great deal of commitment and confrontation with the situation of the self. The wisdom of nondoing is rarely attained in a complete way; most students develop it only partially. To fully develop the wisdom of nondoing, which is to absorb all the wisdom of the dimension of the Diamond Will, is to attain permanent self-realization. Kohut’s belief that the self never becomes independent of the need for external sources of support comes close to the truth, for it is rare that an individual attains fully the wisdom of nondoing. Idealization, and the dependence on external sources for narcissistic support, do not involve only other individuals; we also use institutions, ideas, spiritual notions, ideologies, situations, and activities as objects of idealization. Only the truly self-realized individual can be herself while still perceiving everyone and everything in their true condition. Only she is sufficiently comfortable with truth for it to be her only support.

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