Excerpt About Integrity

Integrity and Trust
Then there’s another level when you trust, not because you know the person isn’t going to hurt you, not because you know that the person wants what’s good for you, but because of what you know about the person. The person may not be concerned about hurting you or not, or about doing what’s good for you. At this level, you trust because of what the person is. You have the knowledge or the feeling that the person has a kind of integrity, which has nothing to do with you, but you know it is something that is to be trusted. That’s yet a deeper kind of trust. It is not a very common one, but it can exist. It can go very deep, that kind of trust. The knowledge, the integrity, the reality, the truth of a person can be so clear that you continue to trust him even if you feel hurt by him, even if you don’t understand why you’re being hurt. What allows this kind of trust? It involves a perception or a sense of something bigger. You might not see a specific truth about why such a person’s behavior is good for you, but you might see or feel a bigger truth. Either the quality of the person or the nature of the interaction can lead to this kind of trust.

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