Excerpt About Intention

Our Intention in Doing this Work

Our intention in doing this work is not to make our lives comfortable. Having a comfortable, idyllic life is possible, but we don’t need the work for it. The work we do is for individuals who want to see their true nature, who want to see the intrinsic value of their life. If you want to be real and to live a life that has value of its own, that has significance independent of society or external pressures, then the work is for you. Neither this path nor any other spiritual work aims to provide students with a nice life. There’s nothing wrong with having a nice life, but it’s not the purpose of the work. If you want the truth, if you want to be real, if you want to live a real life, then the work can speak to you. Being real and having a real life might not feel comfortable and ideal a lot of the time. But then you need to make your choice. What do you want, truth or comfort? Although the truth is not intrinsically contrary to feeling good or being comfortable, sometimes, because of our personal history, the truth comes with pain and difficulty.

Discuss Intention

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