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The Thing and the Nature of the Thing at the Same Time
Nevertheless, I have various favorite names for the Absolute, depending on how the Guest is manifesting. Today my favorite name is the Secret. Two days ago it was the Guest. A while ago I called it the divine ipseity. Ipseity is a very good name for it. I like it because most people don't know what it means. It’s good to give it a name that nobody knows because if you think you know what it means, it's not it. Ipseity is a name that was used in the past for the same reality we're talking about. The dictionary defines it as something like the final selfhood. The word “ipseity” was used by early Christians. In Arabic the Sufis refer to it as hawiyyah. Ipseity is not exactly identity and not exactly self, but both and also something between the two meanings; it can also mean nature or self-nature. Ipseity means it is its own nature and it is its own self. Hence it is both self and the nature of self. Ipseity means the nature of all things, but also the self of all things. It is a nature, a reality that is the self. So, it is not the self in the sense of being an entity or identity or having a sense of self. It is the self in the sense of being the actuality of what is. It is both the thing itself and the nature of the thing. It is both the gold and the lion in the golden statue of a lion. The gold is the nature, the lion is the self, but the ipseity is both, is the golden lion.

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