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Struggling with the Issues of Life

Of course, it is very hard work to struggle with the issues of your life. But that work is what differentiates a baby essence from an adult essence. The value a baby embodies is something like amber, a light amber essence. Mature value is like a deep, thick, dark amber. There is no maturity without struggle. If you remain on the level of a baby, satisfied with a tit that provides, you continue to be a baby. You don’t grow up. A baby eventually grows into an adult by confronting his life and learning about himself through the process of struggling with the difficulties that are part of his life. When you have an issue in your life, the point is not to get rid of it; the point is to grow with it. The point is not just to resolve the issue; the point is to grow through resolving it. So, in many ways, you can see that maturity has to do with this growth, this broadening, this depth. In terms of actually doing the Work, what does this mean? I said earlier that struggle is the salt of the process. It is not insignificant that the personality can actually taste salty. When you are working on issues that have to do with the personality, you might actually taste the saltiness. When you experience Essence, the taste is sweet. Personality is the salt, and struggling with the personality is what will bring you in touch with Essence, with the sweetness.

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