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Christ: "I Am The Life"
So when Christ says I am the Life, I don't think he means life the way people normally think of it as being either animate or inanimate. He doesn't say I am life; he says I am the Life. what is the Life? The Life is the Absolute, the ultimate Truth, becoming living. The Sufis actually say that one of the names of God is the Living. The Life is when the Absolute, the ultimate Truth, manifests as a living existence, a living conscious existence. You can't say the Absolute is the Life. You can't even say the Absolute is conscious. But as the Christ, as the Logos, as the first manifestation, it is Life, it is Living. So the Christ is a Cosmic Life, a Universal Life. And the life that we know is a particularization of it, a very specific perception of it, a development of it.

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