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The Resurrection of Christ
The resurrection of Christ is not simply the rebirth of an individual person. It is the rebirth of the world, of the totality of existence, of the totality of the Universe. The resurrection is the rebirth of life and the rebirth of humankind. So Christ is a redeemer in that respect. He not only redeems the individual but redeems the totality of human life. He redeems the world. Christ’s resurrection is from the death of the world, from the death of the Universe after we recognize its illusory nature. In that death of the world there remains only the Father, only the Absolute in its majesty. That death is the complete annihilation of everything else. But from that death, there is the possibility of a new arising. The world is reborn, but reborn as the real world. Just as an individual can die and be reborn and redeemed, the whole Universe is reborn and redeemed. Through this rebirth, the whole Universe is seen in a different light, a light that was not seen before the spiritual realization and not seen during the spiritual realization. We do not see the real world when we have not yet seen through the naive belief about the absolute reality of the apparent world. We also do not see the real world when we see the apparent world only as illusion. When we come to see the real world, it's the same world except now it is redeemed. It is no longer an illusion. It is a new world.

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