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The Work and a job

Sometimes I think that many of you are here for the wrong reasons. Many of you persist in wanting and trying to get things from the Work that it is not the job of the Work to provide. Students bring in problems and want me to solve them. Certainly each of us needs to solve his problems, but that is not the interest of the Work, nor is it my interest in working with people. When I am working with someone it is generally not my concern to solve problems. Not only is it not my concern, but I find the situation of being expected to solve problems for people, or even with them, very boring and unrewarding. It misses the point. Resolving specific problems is not the most important thing, because problems will continue to arise. Life is full of problems. If you dedicate your life to solving problems, you will have your hands full for the rest of your life. Certainly, there is a place for problem-solving in life. However, students often believe that solving one problem after another will eventually eradicate all problems and lead to happiness. That is not what happens.

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