Excerpt About Journey of Ascent

A View that Departs from the Progressive Way of Looking at Things

In this book, I am presenting a view that not only expands the view that we have been developing over the years in our teaching contexts but, at the same time, also departs from the progressive way of looking at things, departs from the view of aspects and vehicles and dimensions of true nature. The view of totality is basically a departure from the view of the journey of ascent and descent. So far in the teaching, we have mostly been working from the perspective of a journey of ascent—going deeper and deeper into the nature of reality—and a journey of descent, in which we integrate those realizations into our life. This doesn’t mean that, instead of the gradual path, I am now presenting the sudden path to enlightenment. In fact, the question of gradual or sudden is irrelevant to the view I am presenting …… The view I am presenting here is that this journey has no end. The moment we see that the journey has no end, everything changes. The whole idea of progression, of the journey of ascent and descent, appears differently. That sense of progression is one way in which we can understand reality, but reality doesn’t have to be understood only in that way. It is precisely because the teaching has proceeded in a gradual and progressive way that we can now see reality in novel and unexpected ways. What I’ve noticed in my experience is that it is always the case that when we are working with the manifestation of true nature, learning about something means transcending it. In other words, learning about reality—realizing it and understanding it in a particular, awakened way—always means going beyond that reality.

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