Excerpt About Journey of Descent

The Movement of Recognizing the Absolute as Immanent in all Forms

The journey of descent moves back through the same dimensions of manifestation, from the vantage point of the absolute. In the process of descent, she learns that there is no leaving the absolute, but that the descent is simply the integration into the absolute of all dimensions of manifestation. The garments that the absolute has shed to reveal its absolute simplicity return now, but distinctly as garments, garments that do not hide or obscure the truth of the absolute. The descent is a conscious descent of the absolute into the various dimensions that it has manifested. It is a movement of recognizing the absolute as immanent in all forms and phenomena of reality. The absolute moves from being absolute transcendence, beyond and above all dimensions and forms, to being the inner nature and ground of all. Yet, the absolute does not leave its condition of transcendence; its transcendent mystery simply appears as inseparable and nondual with all forms and dimensions.

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