Excerpt About Journeys (Three)

Being Pulled Toward the Secret (the Guest)
Yet even this is still not the true objective perception of the situation. We do not move toward the Secret because we love it. That's how we see it at some point, that’s how our mind formulates it, but that’s not the truth. When the heart moves toward the Secret, when you move toward the Guest, it is because you are pulled. You are attracted, as if by a magnet, the most powerful magnet there is. From within the heart itself, from the depths of the heart, from the innermost chamber of the heart, the pull originates. It is not that you feel, "I want to go there,” and through your work and devotion you move nearer. That might be how you feel it sometimes but that is only the mind feeding you more stories. In reality, there is an inner attraction, something is pulling you from deep within, and you cannot help but experience that as your devotion and love. The mind does not know about this inner attraction.

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