Excerpt About Journeys (Three)

Journeying in Presence
The third journey is a way of referring to journeying in presence, in nondual reality ...in other words, in the third journey, the traveling is an immediate and continually spontaneous manifestation of realization ...perception at this level is nothing but the illumination of the Absolute essence of Being. There is the perception of this mysterious depth, and its glimmerings are the manifestations of the various dimensions, the various star systems. Whereas in the second journey, the manifestations of Being continually shift from one to the next in the dynamic movement of the soul’s unfolding experience, in the third journey the unfolding is no longer a movement through time but a constant arising of all experience from the absolute source in the now. There is no spatial travel, no sense of process taking us to another dimension. The dimensions manifest spontaneously and instantly, as the continual emanations from the mysterious essence of reality.

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