Excerpt About Joy

When the Heart is Curious there is Joy

What you’re doing here in this group is that you’re engaged in an activity. Everything is here for us to be curious about. Like the child, we can engage in a continuous process of curiosity. There’s joy in that, in the activity itself. The child is not looking for happiness, not trying to avoid pain. There is just a continuous process of curiosity, and that process of curiosity is nothing but loving and feeling joy in the truth itself. It is the love of truth and the joy in finding the truth. That is the movement of curiosity. There is no way you can separate curiosity from loving the truth and the joy in discovery. As we said, seeking truth is the activity of the mind. Curiosity, on the other hand, is the activity of the heart. It is, in a sense, the mind of the heart. So you see how the attitude of curiosity, which is called the spirit of truth, is not goal oriented. In other words, curiosity has no desire in it. It is a complete, one-hundred-percent involvement in the present. It is, itself, the freedom and the joy. When the heart is curious, there is joy.

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