Excerpt About Joy

Love Can Manifest as Joy

All these aspects of essence have to do with the heart. I mentioned three that are specifically love. All manifestations of the heart, however, contain love in some form. Compassion, kindness, gentleness, accepting, allowing,graciousness, welcoming of experience and warmth are also love, or loving kindness, which is different from the three aspects I have discussed. Love can manifest as joy, which is also sweet. Joy is very playful, light and happy. Love can also manifest as the aspect of fulfillment. When you feel your heart is full of nectar, when you feel your beingness is not only loving, it is fulfillment itself. When you experience yourself as a thick sweet nectar, then you are the nectar of Being. You are drinking yourself. This can be seen as love loving the action of love. Contentment is an aspect of love, as is satisfaction. You don’t experience the satisfaction. You are the satisfaction, a deep contentment. When you experience your heart or your essence as gratitude, you are not grateful for anything, you are the gratitude itself. Fluffy love has a feeling of lightness and of liking someone or something; merging love has a feeling of giving and sharing with another person; passionate love has the feeling of whole-hearted participation in the world. Other kinds of love, such as fulfillment, satisfaction and gratitude, are different in that they have nothing to do with relationship, with other.

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