Excerpt About Judgment

The Mistake in Judgement by Attributing Your Development to External Things

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell what’s contributing to the understanding and clarity in your life. But if you can discern what it is that is contributing, you’ll increasingly move towards your essence, because only Essence brings this about. If, on the other hand, you attribute your development to external things, you are not only making a mistake in judgment but are also slowing or stopping the process that has really contributed to your development. You’re telling your essence, “You don’t matter.” And that’s an attack on your essence. Invalidating your essence is an activity of your ego or superego. From what I have observed, people often do not acknowledge what’s really happening or what force is operating because there is something in them that resists seeing and experiencing Essence. It’s not just a mistake in judgment; there is an active motivation behind it. It is a defensive function of the superego. Also you have practically no support or guidance from the world around you. When people don’t recognize the actual force in you that is contributing to the changes in your life, it is because they are resisting the perception of that force in themselves. They do not want to see the truth, so they don’t want to recognize it in you. In my own experience, it is important that I know what is bringing about my development. “In the world but not of it” extends to seeing the real causes, the real forces, operating in whatever we do.

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