Excerpt About Kindness

Relax into Kindness
You will be much more compassionate and kind, both towards yourself and others, if you just learn to relax. Say, “What is this? Why am I driving myself crazy? Why not relax and have a cup of tea?” Take a walk, forget about all the problems for a while. Why do you think you can only enjoy yourself if there are no problems? Why do you have to wait until you get enlightened? Don’t wait for the mantle of loving kindness to drop on your shoulders before you can be nice to yourself and everyone else. Why wait for it to drop spontaneously, so that you begin to do everything right all of a sudden? That’s not how human life is. You have to work at certain things, exert effort, deal with problems here and there. There will be pleasures, enjoyments, and fulfillment which will help you in dealing with the problems.

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