Excerpt About Legs

Practicing Presence

First of all, it’s important that we sense our arms and legs, and look and listen as deeply as possible while we do our tasks. This is our practice of presence. We do our tasks with as much presence as possible. Since we don’t need to consider time, we do our tasks as slowly as is needed to remain present. So the task isn’t done as if you were working for someone and on a deadline. Part of the task is you, not just the external task. You’re learning how to live, how to actualize your living. You’re training your Essence, your very substance, to be there, present, doing, involved in the task at hand. So you need to be sensing yourself, to be present as much as you can. And if your attention waivers, you exert whatever effort, whatever knowledge you have to become present in your task. The practice is to actualize a sense of presence, to pay intense attention to the here and now.

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