Excerpt About Legs

The Dynamism that Moves Arms and Legs

The important part about recognizing this dynamism in everyday life is that it is ultimately what moves us; it is ultimately what moves our arms and our legs. In limited situations we might experience the cosmic dynamism of reality as a sense of spontaneity, a sense of flow, a sense of ease of movement. So when we understand something and we have an insight and recognize True Nature, we don’t take that to mean it is my mind doing it. We take it to mean that it is the dynamism of True Nature manifesting through my limited mind at that time and revealing itself to itself. We can see the agency happening without anthropomorphizing it into a figure that comes and teaches me something. It’s more that True Nature appears within the individual consciousness as a capacity for understanding, for insight, for responsiveness. The dynamism of True Nature appears as the functioning of the real heart, the functioning of the real mind, the functioning of real action. These are the ways that the dynamism manifests in individual life.

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