Excerpt About Letting Go

The Letting Go of the Personality and the Washing of Essence are the Same Process

Essence is acceptance, not as approval but as a healing agent. It is the spontaneous inner charge and discharge; the cleansing without rejection. When the personality stops because it sees that its activity is painful, it stops through understanding, and not through rejection. In fact, it is not that the personality stops and acceptance comes; they happen at the same time. The letting go of the personality and the washing of essence are the same process. Your personality and essence have the same understanding at that moment so they operate together; personality is not rejected but understood with compassion and love. Acceptance is actually an aspect of essence; it is not an activity. Our work is to see the truth. It is to be in harmony with the truth, to be steadfast in the truth. Ultimately you will regain your trust and confidence in the truth. That confidence is regained just by seeing the truth; that is a miracle by itself. It becomes as implicit as it was when you were a trusting infant.

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