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Barriers to the Liberation of the Soul

The process of liberation of the soul frees her from many issues and barriers. We can organize these into the following categories:
* The soul’s physical preoccupation and external orientation. This is attachment to the external, which is what the world promises her, at the     expense of her depth, her true nature.
* The passions and appetites, drives and instinctual compulsions. These are the forms external orientation takes.
* Attachment in general, with its grasping and tight holding.
* psychodynamic issues and conflicts with their repression, ego defense mechanisms, and blockages. This includes the difficulties of early experience as they survive in one’s personality and unconscious.
* Self-images and object relations. These constitute the content of the soul’s identifications.
* Fixation and rigidity, which tend to characterize her views and attitudes, but most importantly her ego structures.
* Narcissism, which reflects the soul’s alienation from her true nature.
* General ego structural issues, such as weakness and inadequacy. This includes schizoid defenses.
* Precocious development.
* Underdevelopment. Both this and precocious development may characterize some of the soul’s ego structures.
* Structure in general, more specifically the need for one.
* Underlying all these categories are the fundamental issues of ignorance and duality. These are the central spiritual barriers usually identified by the various wisdom traditions. In Facets of Unity, we discriminate this fundamental barrier into nine fundamental delusions about Reality.

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