Excerpt About Lies

Seeing the Lies We Believe

This brings us to the question “What is truth?” Let’s begin, again, with the ordinary sense of truth, the one we understand at the beginning of our Work. Usually we see truth as a characteristic of a statement or a perception. We say, “This statement is true,” or “This statement is not true,” or “This perception is true,” or “This perception is not true.” This is the ordinary understanding of truth. When we work on our unconscious, finding the truth means finding out what is actually there, discovering our actual beliefs, our unconscious motivations and conflicts. First we see the truth of our defenses, the lies we believe in. We see that they exist, and we begin to identify them. Through observing our lies, we can see the deficiencies we feel underneath the lies. We discover how often we consciously believe the opposite of our unconscious beliefs and feelings. We unconsciously feel we are weak, and so we create a lie in the form of a belief that we are strong. Because we may even believe that we feel strong, it will be difficult to uncover the feeling of weakness. It is important that compassion be present for that to happen.

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