Excerpt About Lies

Two Dimensions of Awakening

This experience of awakening operates on two dimensions simultaneously: the psychological and the phenomenological. Psychologically, to be awake means you are literally awake—like having awakened from long sleep, or from illusions, from dreams, from all the sufferings of ignorance. This is the psychological awakening: Now you see the truth and wake up from the lies and the ignorance that you have been living in. It also means you wake up to your true nature: You now see what and who you are, instead of what you thought you were. The second sense of awakening is phenomenological. It is the sense of being awake, clear, and bright, as if you just woke up. Suddenly your head is above the clouds, and you start seeing. So this awakening is not only a matter of awakening to some truth; it is a particular state of Being. It is being awake —you actually and literally experience yourself as a bright and brilliant presence. You have not only awakened, but you are the awakeness; you are the awake and brilliant presence.

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