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The Teaching is Your Lifeline to Your Real Existence

I will say a few things today about your relationship to the Work, to the teaching, and to the person of the teacher. The Work has existed in many forms and many times, according to the needs of each culture. In a basic, fundamental way, the teaching is your lifeline. It is the lifeline to your real existence. That is a fact whether you like it or don’t like it, whether you approve or disapprove, whether it makes you feel good or feel bad. It remains the truth. Your job is rarely, if ever, to accept or reject this fact, to prove it or disprove it. Your job, if you are sincere, is to try to see the truth about it, and how to utilize it to gain your real life. Without teaching, the ordinary person will remain undeveloped and will be only a potential human being. If you want to remain a normal human being, only a seed of your own potential, you do not need the Work. But if you want to actualize yourself, to live as a human being, then you must put effort into seeing how the Work is the lifeline for real life.

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