Excerpt About Lifeline

The Lifeline of the Soul

Recognizing our love for the truth is a very joyous feeling. The heart now has found itself. It knows what it feels. It knows why it feels it. It knows what it truly wants. There’s a melting excitement, and a wonderfulness. It has been said that people can’t live by bread alone. True. Bread is important, but the food for the soul is truth. The body needs food, security, and safety; we’re not saying these things aren’t important. But at some point, we need to attend to the nourishment of the soul. We need to go to the next stage of evolution, we must travel to another star system. And it’s the heart that leads the way. No matter how you feel about it, at some point you must face the fact that the process of inquiry, of investigation, of understanding your experience, is a heart involvement. It is an affair of the heart that represents the spiritual dimension of your life. It is the lifeline of the soul. This means that regardless of what is happening in your life, there can be a thread of luminosity, sweetness, and intimacy running through it. You can love what is true and life can be a love affair that goes on regardless of what is happening.

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