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Life: A Current of Experience, Impressions and Perceptions that We Can Call a Lifeline

From this example, we see that experience, awareness, and dynamism are very much interconnected. There is a movement in your experience—a current, a flow—from one impression to another, from one perception to another. In fact, that’s your life: a current of experience, of impressions and perceptions that we can call a lifeline. Perhaps you usually don’t think of it this way. You probably see your life from a physical perspective: There’s physical space, and you have a physical body, and that body goes around in this physical space and does things or doesn’t do things, makes noises, and so on. Maybe you also include your inner experience and external perception, but these you probably situate within this physical perspective. However, you can also look at your life and reality in general as a series of changes in perception, and this perception includes the body and its movements. We ordinarily think that perception and experience are secondary to the physical space and the physical body that’s in it, but can you ever experience the physical body in physical space without perception? Can there be any life at all without perception, and specifically, without changing perception? No. Therefore, we can say that one’s life is a current of experience, a current of perception, a current of impressions. Experience includes all the modalities: vision, hearing, feeling, sensing, thinking, imaging, all together as one unified current.

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